The Beer Bores are Mark Hempleman-Adams and Paul Clarke-Dabson who, after several years of sitting around pint in hand bemoaning the fact that they miss brewing, decided to stop boring the arse of everybody, ergo...The Beer Bores, and actually start brewing.
So, in January 2015, they rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in converting an old stable block, many thanks to Jeff and crew, then sourcing and installing the brewing equipment. By June everything was up and running and with help and advice from Alison at Brewlab, and the odd hiccup of course, brewed their first batch of Toad Stabber.


Previous to that, in 2004, the inimitable Marshall Ewart, Mark and Paul set up Box Steam Brewery after buying a 10 Barrel Brew Plant from Bath Ales.
With the help of Brewlab and Bath Ales, huge thanks to Craig Lewis, they started producing beers such as Blind House, Rev Awdrey's Ale and award winning Tunnel Vision, and were supplying over 40 pubs.
The brewery was sold in 2007 and Marshall moved to Wales leaving Mark and Paul thinking, drinking and talking about beer until, in 2015, they actually got off their arses and did something about it.

Mark is a qualified chemist and has a background in Industrial Chemistry, which has come in very handy, and is the MD of a successful resin manufacturing company.
Paul is an ex-lecturer and practicing artist and foolishly let slip that he once had the misfortune to work in advertising which, actually, also came in very handy.